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Social Wines is a Finnish wine and alcoholic beverage importer, founded in 2005. Our services are to sell, market and represent the products of our suppliers to Finnish restaurants and consumers through Alko.

Social Wines is part of Norwegian Arcus ASA, one of the largest companies in the beverage business in Scandinavia. It’s leading agenda is to export the Nordic alcohol brands and products to the rest of the world, and bring the best wines to Scandinavian consumers.

Our suppliers and wine brands are one of the most famous and valued in the world. Our mission is to bring the best price-value products to the Finnish audience, without forgetting special and sought-after wines and spirits. We are strongly working to enhance the Finnish wine culture and to be part of making it more versatile and dignified.

At Social Wines you will find an expierenced group of professionals of the wine and alcohol business. We come from many different backgrounds, which gives us benefits achieving our goals in both strategic thinking as well as day-to-day operations. We take part actively in trade fairs and events, and we bring our knowledge in marketing our products in our web pages and marketing channels, including social media.

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Our office is located in downtown Helsinki. View our personnel and learn about our services.

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